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Kubota engines, available up to 82hp are built to withstand the tough Australian conditions, whilst still offering the most advanced technologies with minimal impact on the environment.

Since the production of their first engine in 1922, Kubota has continued to invest in advanced technologies and manufacture engines which set the benchmark for the industry.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, Kubota engines are available from 5.6-82hp, each one built to last in tough Australian conditions. Kubota builds engines with the user and environment in mind, providing power when you need it most whilst reducing emissions and environmental impact.

A trusted name long synonymous with power and efficiency, Kubota tractors and machinery engines are relied upon Australia wide, from the lush vineyards of the Hunter Valley to remote pumping stations in Outback Queensland.

Kubota Engines

AC Series 5.6hp – Air-cooled

The Kubota AC Series, widely-used in Australian firefighter pumps, combines power and performance whilst still maintaining a lightweight and compact design. These air-cooled, 4-cycle diesel engines with direct injection and minimal vibration are suited to a wide range of pumps, generators, small construction machinery and more.

OC Series 5.6-8.5hp – Oil-cooled

The oil-cooled, 4-cycle diesel engines in Kubota’s OC Series combine clean, quiet operation with durability whilst remaining lightweight and compact. Available in 5.6 or 8.5hp with 3600rpm, the OC Series is ideally suited for construction sites, powering generators, pumps, power-tillers and small machinery.

RK Series 6-9.5hp – Water-cooled

The Kubota RK Series offers power and reliability combined with efficiency. Featuring Kubota’s 6-9.5hp, horizontal, water-cooled, four cycle diesel engines, it is suited for a wide range of applications.

Equipped with indirect injection and Kubota’s TVC system, the RK Series ensures greater power output while maintaining steady, quiet operation.

RT Series 10-14hp – Water-cooled

Renowned for their durability, the reliable Kubota RT Series features horizontal, water-cooled, 4-cycle diesel engines ranging from 10-14hp.

Direct injection and specially designed combustion systems guarantee increased horsepower whilst significantly decreasing fuel consumption.

Super Mini Series 10.9-20.4hp – Water-cooled

The Kubota Super Mini Series features a range of 10.9-20.4hp, vertical, water-cooled, 4-cycle IDI diesel engines, available in both 2 and 3 cylinder models.

Despite being the world’s smallest, multi-cylinder, high-power density diesel engines, the Kubota Super Mini Series offers high performance paired with incredible fuel efficiency.

05 Series 17.4-36.4hp – Water-cooled

The Kubota 05 Series is the industry leader and the product of choice for the majority of industrial equipment manufacturers, including but not limited to power companies, material handling businesses and automotive companies.

05 Series engines range in capacity from 17.4-36.4hp at 3000rpm and feature the Kubota vertical, water-cooled, 4-cycle diesel engine.

03 Series 25.5-48.7hp – Water-cooled

From woodchipping to loading shipping containers, the Kubota 03 Series can be relied upon for exceptional durability and powerful performance.

Featuring a wide range of vertical, water-cooled, 4-cycle diesel engines at 2800rpm, the 03 Series is available  from 25.5-39.9hp.

03-M Series – 26.1-48.8HP – Water-cooled

Kubota’s 03-M Series has achieved renown for its industry-leading reduced emissions. These vertical, water-cooled, 4-cycle diesel engines are available from 26.1-48.8hp at 2700-2800rpm.

The range includes convenient features such as wire holder, built-in solenoid, low fan centre and revised speed lever, while also allowing the individual the flexibility to determine the oil filter position.

V3 Series 59.1-82.2 hp– Water-cooled

The largest in Kubota’s range of output engines, the premium V3 Series offers unparalleled power, performance and reliability. These vertical, water-cooled, 4-cycle diesel engines power Kubota’s tractors, in addition to a wide range of civil applications including construction, marine, mining and automotive.

Featuring single-side access and a cleaner exhaust, the low-maintenance Kubota V3 Series is renowned for reliability with an exceptionally long service life.

Take Home a Kubota Engine Today with Kubota Australia Finance

Kentan Machinery are proud to offer competitive finance options through Kubota Australia Finance (KAF) on all new Kubota products distributed throughout Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

Competitive interest rates and custom finance structures are available to our Commercial and Business customers with a variety of repayment and deposit options.

Corporate and Government customers are also eligible for KAF equipment loan mortgages and operating leases.

For non-business customers, KAF provides a range of convenient Consumer finance options.

All Kubota finance options are subject to Kubota Australia Finance (KAF) terms and conditions. Call us at Kentan Machinery to find out more.

5 Star Machinery and Equipment Services in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Taree Area

Kentan Machinery are not only an authorised service and warranty dealer for Kubota Tractors, Construction and Commercial Mowers, but are one of the select few Kubota Accredited 5 Star Service Dealers in Australia.

To support our range of Kubota products, we employ 10 trade qualified technicians to carry out servicing and repairs to all makes of tractors, earthmoving machinery, commercial mowers, walk behind mowers and farm machinery.

In addition, we have five dedicated and equipped field service vehicles, to carry out on farm/site services and repairs for customers in the Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Upper Hunter and Manning Valley regions.

Our 5 Star Service accreditation means we hold an extensive spare parts inventory for all products with a direct online link to Kubota Australia so we can ensure your repair/service has a quick turn around time.



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